Welcome to T2 Clips, where humor and truth collide to present contrasting perspectives of news and disparate perspectives of events and social practices. We believe comedy, or a funny video, can force us to question our own sense of reason and folly, and to accept that opposing views are not necessarily baseless. Like everything else, opinions are generally neither perfect nor totally flawed.

Our videos are intended to stimulate thought and discussion at a time when the world seems increasingly polar and extreme. T2 Clips’ videos are meant to show that the “outrageous” opinions of the “other side” usually have some merit or cause, and while we may not agree with them, we can acknowledge they are not irrational.

At T2 Clips, as with truth and comedy, videos are enlightening and poignant. By collaborating with prominent academics and top comedians, we hope to produce brilliantly stupid (and sometimes stupidly brilliant) content about political current events, economic current events, social conventions and social anomalies. We welcome you to our community and value your interest and input.